About Us


A comprehensive educational experience that develops and combines academic excellence.

Follow the Islamic values: KCPS offers Nazra and Hifzul Quran facilities for girls and boys both.

• KCPS is delighted to let you all know about a comprehensive Arabic Language Program which will be introduced soon.
• KCPS considers the encouragement of the intellectual capabilities of a child, producing a successful, responsible and contributing member of the society.
• During the learning time period, KCPS hopes to work together to provide the students with the best possible opportunities in order to prepare them to be the world class citizens.
• KCPS not only hopes to produce a responsible citizen but also someone who would be ready to master the challenges of this 21st
• KCPS has not only aimed to educate your child today but to educate a leader who would rule ‘the tomorrow’.
• In addition, KCPS is a unique place to learn and we are pleased to invite you to visit our school and become the part of our learning and energetic organization.


o KCPS has taken an oath to create leaders of ‘the tomorrow society’ but also for the entire Muslim Ummah.
o KCPS teaches your child how to take care of this world only but also develops a Fikr about the Akhirah (Hereafter).
o KCPS has aimed and achieved so far to revive the lost Sunnahs of Holy Prophet.
o It provides an entire period to offer Salah of Zuaher on the daily basis.


All praises are due to Allah, who taught man that he knew not, and peace be on our master Mohammad ﷺ , the prime educator as well as on his family and companions.
Knowledge undoubtedly is the most important benchmark to evaluate the difference between men and women despite of their creed or color. This is so because everybody now realizes the value of knowledge in the life of individuals and groups. It is, infact, through knowledge that the nations progress and societies advance.
This primary objective of the educational system is reflected in our motto that must be a watchword for every student.
The motto is, “Quality Education with Islamic Values”. In other words, “Learning linked to work widens the horizons of work and possibilities of life”.
As a principal, it is important to me that everyone who steps through our doors-staff, students and parents are excited to be here with high expectations. This attitude enables us to meet the challenges of academic excellence in a optimistic, creative and affectionate environment.
We welcome you to visit our school
Mrs. Farzana Shaukat